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At the Quartz Foundation, we are dedicated to nurturing a world where every child thrives, free from the grips of hunger and poverty. Our mission is to ensure the holistic well-being of children by providing access to nutritious food, quality education, and safe environments that connect them to the natural world. We emphasize general health and health innovation to improve the quality of life and foster resilient communities. We strive to preserve and integrate the beauty and balance of nature into our initiatives, fostering a sustainable relationship between communities and the wilderness around them. Through compassionate outreach, innovative solutions, and steadfast partnerships, we aim to empower vulnerable populations, restore hope, and cultivate a healthier planet for all generations. At Quartz Foundation, 101% of all donations go directly to our charity purposes, with the additional 1% contributed by our foundation chair.

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supporting innovation that saves life

At the Quartz Foundation, we believe in the transformative power of innovation to save lives and improve well-being. Our vision is to support cutting-edge health innovations that help vulnerable populations thrive...


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