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Founded in 2015, Quartz Capital is a dynamic holding company based in Denmark, renowned for its diversified portfolio and expansive reach. From our beginnings, we have grown our presence across Europe and extended our influence to North America, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa.

Quartz Capital is at the forefront of various industries, driving innovation and excellence in research and development, financial services, and decentralized financial holdings. Our portfolio also includes significant investments in real estate, medical services, pharmaceuticals, and retail, reflecting our commitment to enhancing the quality of life globally.

Our strategic approach and dedication to excellence have positioned Quartz Capital as a leader in each sector we operate in. We continue to push boundaries, explore new markets, and contribute to the economic development of the regions we serve. Join us on our journey as we shape the future across multiple continents and industries.

Registry number (VAT):

DK 36544554


+45 29 90 33 92

+1 (857) 384-1777

Gothersgade 33A, 3.TH

1123 Copenhagen K


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